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The Liter of Light Movement is a movement working to provide green lighting technology to people around the world in the form of the Solar Light Bottle. The solar light bottle is a PET bottle fixed into the roof of a room in such a manner as to allow part of it to extend above the roof, refracting solar rays into the room through the bottle and lighting the room. A small amount of bleach is added to keep the water free of algal growth that would reduce it’s clarity.The solar light bottle, being cheap and environmentally safe when compared to conventional light bulbs has helped light the homes of many impoverished people around the world through the efforts of organizations spearheading the Liter of Light Movement.

After the solar light bottle was invented by Brazilian mechanic Alfred Moser in 2002, Illac Diaz of the MyShelter foundation implemented a local entrepreneur business model in the Philippines in 2011, encouraging local workers to make and install solar light bottles to earn income for their work. Students from Massachusetts Institute of Technology also assisted in the implementation and spread of this technology in the slums of the Philippines.

Within a year of the start of the movement more than 200,000 solar light bottles were installed around the world. The Liter of Light Movement has now spread to countries such as Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, India, Kenya, Mexico, Peru, Spain, Switzerland, Tanzania, Uganda, U.S.A, and Zambia. The movements are usually taken up and run in different countries by local groups and organizations.

The movement is fueled not only by the participation of local workers in the places it is being run but also by kind hearted citizens of the world who donate a small amount of money to light the homes of the poor and under privileged with a green, sustainable technology. So please consider donating to such initiatives (links to some of the projects around the globe are provided in the references)


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