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This section will teach you everything you need to know to undertake biodiversity research for the sake of conservation.

1.Introduction to the importance of biodiversity and research in biodiversity for effective conservation 

This page is intended to be a brief introduction to the concept of biodiversity, ecosystems, their importance and the need for research for their proper conservation and management.

2.Steps involved in the Process of Research (start here)

 This page will explain the steps involved in the process of research and has links to pages that deal with each of these steps in detail.


3.Types of biodiversity studies you can undertake

This sub-section will teach you about the different types of biodiversity research studies you can undertake, and has links leading to more detailed information regarding each type of study and how it can be undertaken.


4. Sampling Biodiversity and Statistical Sampling Frameworks

This page is an explanatory introduction to sampling strategies, and has links leading to pages that deal with the use of different sampling methods with different sampling strategies.


5. Methods for Sampling Biodiversity

This sub-section deals with the different sampling methods used to sample biodiversity.


6. Identification of Biodiversity

This sub-section deals with information that will assist you in the identification of biodiversity which is an important skill that needs to be developed for biodiversity research.


7. Writing Up the Results of Your Study in the Form of a Scientific Paper

This page deals with all aspects relating to writing up a research paper after you complete a study.


8. Publishing Your Paper

This page will explain the process of getting a research paper published.