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This section has all the information needed to help you develop skills which are necessary for the identification of biodiversity. Identification resources such as field guides, taxonomic books etc will still be required for identifying taxa belonging to any region but this section will help you gain the knowledge required to use those better.


An Introduction to Methods Used for the Identification of Species and other Taxa  -

This page will briefly explain how different species or other taxa are identified.


The Scientific Classification of Biodiversity - (Coming Soon)

This page will explain how biodiversity is classified scientifically and clarify some of the terminology involved in it. An understanding of the scientific classification of biodiversity is important for all work relating to the identification of biodiversity.


Important External Morphological Characteristics Used in the Identification of Biodiversity -

This subsection explains all the important morphological features of most common biodiversity taxa/groups that are required for identification.


An example of the use of keys in taxonomy to identify the species to which an individual belongs -

This page will clarify the process by which taxonomic keys are used for the identification of biodiversity with the example of a fish.