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Our world is vast and there are many brave and kind hearted humans inhabiting it. People who care and want to make a difference yet don't know where to start or how to. Do It Yourself Conservation was started with the intention of providing a free resource to such people with regards to environmental and biodiversity conservation. It is our sincerest goal to help create a world where “progress” necessitates conservation and preservation. Join us in sharing and working towards this goal.


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Omkar DhavaleOmkar Dhavale is the founder of this website. He has a Bachelors degree in Zoology from the University of Mumbai, a Masters degree in Forestry from the Forest Research Institute (Indian Council of Forest Research and Education), and has worked as a researcher in the Wildlife Institute of India. He loves conservation research, nature photography and practices vipassana meditation and medical qi gong. He currently works on managing and developing this website besides a few other online projects and works as a freelance consultant.