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What is Open Courseware ?

Open courseware is a term used for openly accessible educational resources, presented in a course format. These may include course formats, planning materials, syllabi, course calenders, thematic content, textbooks, lectures, presentations, notes and simulations. These are usually developed by experienced educators and being open, are available for use, re-purposing and modification in whole or part by anyone, anywhere in the world.

Note - Therefore open course ware is fundamentally different from a free educational course, course ware may constitute materials belonging to a course but not the entire complement of materials nor the actual course itself.

Also open course ware may have been created for a particular audience (such as an undergraduate/graduate/post graduate level audience and may not be readily understandable from the point of view of a layman or someone with no basic training in the subject.

But since these resources are still beneficial from an educational standpoint we have decided to compile a list of useful open courseware materials. This list is still being developed and new noteworthy sources of courseware will be added regularly. If you know any that is not found here do tell us, at

The Open Courseware Consortium -

This is a global community of hundreds of higher education institutions and other organizations working to make education open and accessible to the world. The website ( of this organization has -

  1. A search engine that can help you find courseware from among tens of thousands of course from many institutes. The search engine can be queried for a particular type or category of courseware (such as environmental science), language or provider (such as a particular university). The courseware search engine is located at -

  2. A lit of openly licensed text books organized by discipline and jointly maintained by by the College Open Textbooks project and the Community College Consortium for Open Educational Resources (CCCOER). This list is available at -


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Open Courseware-

MIT Open Course Ware ( material is probably some of the most famous and well known open courseware on the internet. Materials from more than two thousand courses are available including categories of courseware such as Energy, Environment and Life Sciences, Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences.



References/List of Open Courseware Sites -

Open Courseware Consortium -

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MIT Open Courseware -